The queues management has changed greatly in the last few years, hand in hand with new technologies. For example, nowadays it is not unusual to find a hypermarket or a department store incorporating single queue solution. The most common are the notifications through a sound device or a screen. But, how do the fast-food chains do to manage the queues in their establishments?

The main trend in the fast-food restaurants is the use of self-order kiosks. These kiosks allow the customers to interact with a touchscreen to choose the menu or the set of foods or beverages that they desire to take. Once the client takes a decision, pays automatically with a credit or debit card, receiving a ticket as a physical evidence of the purchase. Additionally, the fast-food restaurants have established a special queue for this kind of orders, speeding up the delivery process.

McDonald’s is using this system since a couple of years, as you can watch in this short video about a half minute.

However, this is not the only fast food chain using this interactive system, also companies as Domino’s Pizza or MAX, the famous Sweden burger restaurant, have incorporated this technology in order to improve customer experience.

In addition, the fast-food companies are implementing mobile ordering systems, thus the clients can order a hamburger in advance, go to the restaurant and pick up the product without waiting.


The main advantages of the use of this technology are:

  • Improvement of customer experience.
  • The possibility of forecast the demand in advance (mobile ordering).
  • Reduction of queues.
  • Saving of time
  • Increasement of the convenience.

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