The productivity of a logistics center depends to a large extent on the efficiency of the picking process. Therefore, the parameters that I consider most important before selecting this process are the performance, flexibility and ergonomics of the picking system.

As we have already learned in class, there are 3 modes to make the picking, which will not cease to exist even if a picking system is included.

  • Goods to Person

The required articles are brought from the warehouse to the selector by means of conveyor technology. The picker collects the products for an order in one or several containers.

Example: Flexible voice-based solutions


  • Person to Good

The selector moves within specific zones of the goods, selects the desired number of items and places them in a container of orders.

 Link: Example

  • Automatically

In this case no manual action is required.

method that best fits a company depends on the specific application, however, four parameters must be considered before deciding on a specific solution:

Range of articles
Average order size
• Frequency of picking
• Weight and dimensions of the articles


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