The 4 major drawbacks of warehouse design

I believe that warehouses are a critical necessity in the global chain to satisfy customers and therefore a poorly designed warehouse design can be an essential element in having a logistics problem in a Company.

Despite this element, I consider that the supply chain faces two other important barriers, such as the determination of picking techniques and the choice of technology. That is why given my experience, I will mention other extra points to the class, which would be important to keep in mind when designing a store.


Photographic credits: macrovector

I.   Fixed costs. Always contemplate the investment (from the racks to conveyors, from forklifts to picking systems).  

II.     The difficulty of coordination with other functions, such as distribution and transportation. In this point there must be the flexibility and agility to adaccionar to the high peaks both the input and the delivery (output) of the warehouse. 

III.     What was considered optimum can stop being fast, so always take in to account the existence of a percentage of uncertainty in all the steps of the design. Example; (The internal flows of your warehouse may vary as well as the type of unit load. 

 IV.   Take into account that at some time the scope of the warehouse design is exceeded, so you can keep articles, boxes and pallets in the most unexpected places, but do not design to take everything that you do not have.

´´Remember that by introducing changes in warehouse design to achieve greater efficiency and more dynamism, increase supply chain sustainability´´.

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