Online shopping vs. Traditional shopping



Nowadays more and more young people choose the on-line shopping instead of traditional shopping, nevertheless, traditional shopping is still of great importance in contemporary society. Both of them are indispensable to human’s life. Despite the same purpose of on-line shopping and traditional shopping, there are two obvious differences between them.


To begin with, the traditional shopping means we need to go to the streets or markets if we need something. We can decide whether to buy or not by our true feelings. All the goods in the stores are visible to customers. Unlike traditional shopping, online shopping depends on the Internet. You can find many shopping websites such as Taobao and Amazon and buy what you need without going out. We can only get the information by the pictures or descriptions while price in on-line shopping is much lower than traditional shopping.

The second difference is the comments. When you buy something like cosmetics and medicines, you can’t know the efficacy of them even you buy them in the supermarket. The salesgirl may introduce different kings of goods and the varieties of advantages of them, but sometimes you just find it difficult to believe their words. In contrast, the on-line shopping can show you the comments left by the buyers. From the comments, you can learn the disadvantages of the goods.

Third difference which is mostly drive people to buy online is time and simplicity: You don’t have to commute, find parking, deal with big crowds or wait in long lines. In addition, you won’t waste any gas. The gas factor might feel particularly appealing right now due to skyrocketing fuel prices.

Every coin has two sides. Online shoppers spend time typing their information and spend money to have their purchases shipped to their home in a timely fashion. However, they will eventually run into shipping issues during their Internet-shopping career, including: weather delays, technical mishaps, address confusion and lost packages. Consider the deadline you need your product by before ordering it online. Also consider how reputable the company you’re ordering from is, and how often they have these mishaps occur with their shipping services.

According to the differences between traditional shopping and on-line shopping, both of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. We should make better use of the strengths and try to avoid the weakness when we are shopping in our daily life.




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