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amazon is testing rivian electric vans in la

Many articles of this blog talk about the big company, Amazon. As you know, this company always use new technologies to improve their process and ways to deliver their products.

In 2019 the CEO Jeff Bezos, announced that Amazon would create a futuristic fleet of 10,000 electric delivery vans with Alexa, and built-in routing software.

Now, in less than 2 years since the announcement Amazon has tested the electric deleivery vans from Rivian in the city of Los Angeles. You can see the real result in the video below.


This new 100% electric delivery system has created as part of the aim of Amazon to achieve net cero carbon emissions across its operations by 2040.

Amazon wants to reduce the carbon footprint, due to the fact nowadays is one of the most polluting company in the world, in 2019 their CO2 emissions were 51.7 millions of tons of CO2.

The director of Amazon’s global fleet and products, said the electrification effort is a point of pride for the company. This project has required to Amazon to install thousand of electric vehicle chargers and change up the electrical design and layout of delivery facilities in North America and Europe.


The actual fleet of vans of Rivian manufactured in Plymouth, Michigan, assure until 241 km with an unique charge. So far we do not know the technical specification of the van performance, so we hope that in the next moths Amazon will give us more information about these wonderfull vans.


Nowadays, there are only 16 units of these vans in the USA cities, there are in test phase. But Amazon have a plan, they will manufacture 100.000 units of vans with the colaboration of Rivian in the next 9 years.

Before the ending of 2022, the first 10.000 units will be available for Amazon, and they will start delivery some products to their customers with 0% of carbon emissions.

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