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Docks and Safety at the Warehouse

Hello everybody, I am not quite sure you are familiar with the docks and safety system carried out at the warehouses to make sure  goods from suppliers are stored properly. Before I begin, did you know that, A FedEx agent died after he got pinned between a truck and a loading dock? Another shocking story, A man was crushed  after assisting or engaging a truck coming to the loading bay. Eye witneses say, he was caught in the middle between the truck and the loading bay walls or doors.

In distribution centers and warehouses the loading docks are the primary location of movement of product coming into and moving out , these docks could either be exterior or fully enclosed which typically provide direct Access to storage rooms and freight elevators. The most common hazards which occur are:

Forklifts overturning

Employees being hit by forklifts and other powered trucks

Slips, trips and falls

Trailer creep

Unsecured loads

Debris on floor

Chemical Splash

Taking into account the above, some strict measures are to be carried out to avoid these fatal accident.

  • Shippers often bundle or crate items with strapping(Use safety goggles and leather gloves)
  • Chemical exposure or leaking chemicals(Use the recommended PPE:Goggles and face masks including the right filter cartridges,Heat- and chemical- resistant gauntlet-style safety gloves,Heat and chemical-resistant full aprons)
  • Dock Levellers and portable dock plates, this might happen when a lift truck may hit the dock leveler or its frame if the operator does not point the forks up while driving into the trailer(Make sure that your lift truck is checked for hydraulic drift, which can cause forks to point down unexpectedly)
  • Poor delivery weather conditions,If a truck is parked on a slope outside the building, ice from the roof may slide back towards the bay door and hit a worker on the dock or cause the dock to become slippery(Ask your employer for equipment such as shovels, salt or sand, and flashlights)
  • Lifting below the knees and above the shoulders (Avoid lifting , bending or reaching overhead.use specialized equipment for heavy loads)


I find this link very useful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eTwwb31RyHY