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CEVA Logistic -¨Making business flow¨

My post of today is about one of the world’s leading supply chain management companies, CEVA designs and implements industry leading solutions in both freight management and contract logistics. This company is acting in more than  17 regional clusters around the globe, more the 160 countries.

It´s working also in Romania,there the company has approximately 110 employees and operate in 3 site locations across the country. CEVA company dedicates to delivering effective and robust supply chain solutions across a variety of industry sectors, including Automotive, Consumer & Retail, Energy, Healthcare, Industrial and Technology.

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At CEVA, sustainability is a holistic business approach to create and continuously improve a sustainable company delivering long term value for all our stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, investors and the communities in which we operate.

The company believes that sustainability is everyone’s job and that a sound corporate sustainability governance framework promotes strong leadership by all their  management. Sustainability is the foundation of good management practices, contributing to the long-term success of companies and better risk-adjusted returns for the customers.

They know that the commitment to sustainability helps them to serve their customers better, is the foundation of good citizenship and reduces the impact of environmental, social and governance risks to the company. It permeates the way they do business, driving them to innovate and be creative in everything from warehousing operations to transportation, from solution design to procurement policy.


Here is a short video about the company :




My post of this week is about the innovation in food transport specially about how o innovation in global cold chain transport is helping to reduce food and medical waste.

The fact that demand is being increasingly large and  technological capabilities are improving ,help to boost trade in goods such as pharmaceuticals, foods, and other items that require temperature-controlled transportation.

Food and drugs are racking up the air miles. While there is currently a movement towards transporting with ocean vessels, air cargo is still the mode of choice for many shippers of temperature-sensitive goods. In fact, these goods have helped boost air cargo use, which has otherwise been in a slump.

Innovation in remote sensors are decreasing waste and increasing control So, where’s the innovation in all of this demand for temperature-controlled goods? It’s in the sensors – the ability to monitor temperature ranges and adjust as needed while goods are being transported.

While much of this innovation involves the air cargo market, it is also appearing more and more in ocean freight. Logistics providers such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, Kuehne + Nagel and DB Schenker all provide solutions that utilize sensors, either based on GPS or RFID, for tracking and monitoring temperature and humidity levels throughout transportation.

Web-based, real-time monitoring, including report generation, is also included. Among these solutions is FedEx’s SenseAware, introduced in 2009. It is a multi-modal solution that provides location monitoring, as well as:

  • monitoring temperature
  • light exposure
  • relative humidity
  • shock
  • barometric pressure

With these services, it can provide near real-time visibility and insight into shipments. Since 2009, FedEx has adapted this solution, incorporating it into its other services and industry-focused solutions, including aerospace, manufacturing, oil and gas, healthcare and fashion.

The benefits of cold chain innovation are about more than just profit .There are many significant benefits to this monitoring, including compliance with regulatory authorities, and allowing users to be proactive instead of reactive.

Furthermore, it allows for intervention when necessary, whether it’s re-icing cold chain shipments or inspection and repackaging of damaged goods. On a broader scale, users are provided the insight needed to make better business decisions, resulting in a strong customer experience and often a higher profit margin.

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Internet of Things impacts Supply chains…..How???


Internet of things……where the Web and the physical world will meet 

   Most of peoplet think of electronics or wearables – the types of technologies that are driving adoption of a highly personalized “smart” consumer lifestyle,when someone says about the Internet if Things(IoT). But there’s much more to the IoT story, and more specifically, its impact on the supply chain.

Here you have a short video :

IoT revolution will permit us to connect those solutions by intelligently enchacing people, processes, data, and things via devices and sensors.

This intelligence can become a true in many different ways when it comes to supply chain data and intelligence – from automation of the manufacturing process to improved visibility within the warehouse.

In today’s IT industry, companies are staying competitive by adopting new technologies, streamlining business processes and innovating new services to increase productivity and save costs. In the logistics and supply chain, the traditional supply of goods is based on established agreements between manufacturers and suppliers.

Orders are made in advance and tracking is done by various stakeholders in the supply chain, i.e., assembly lines, manufacturers and logistics managers. With the use of smart technologies such as active RFID (executable codes in tag), it is possible to envision that goods may be transported without human intervention from manufacturers to suppliers.

Warehouses will become completely automatic with goods moving in and out; forwarding of the goods will be made, using intelligent decisions based on information received via readers and positioning systems to optimise transiting routes.

Suppliers will have the flexibility to purchase parts from various manufacturers (possibly from competing manufacturers) and buy them in a sequence of individual orders. Such automation creates a dynamic production and transportation network and provides better asset management to improve the overall efficiency in the supply chain.

If you want to know more here you have some interesting videos :

and a short one but pretty interesting one ….


My post of this week is about Privalia – the biggest private club that sales online offering top brand fashion,home, sports & electronics . The company currently has 28 million customers worldwide and is a leader in each of which operates as Privalia (Spain, Italy, Brazil and Mexico), making it an international benchmark for the sector markets.

The leading online fashion outlet , born in Barcelona in 2006 from the hand of Lucas Carne and Jose Manuel Villanueva, offering daily sales of leading brands at exceptional prices and exclusively for it´s customers .

The data provided by ComScore, the main platform for measuring web traffic, the fashion outlet online market place Privalia as a leader in traffic in Spain in 2012, 2013 and 2014. The company was recognized as the Best Website Shopping in Spain by users in the contest Website of the Year in editions 2012 and 2013, Best Webshop Mobile in the Ecommerce Awards 2014 Website most popular shopping on the Website of the Year Edition 2015.

Privalia stands out for its efficient strategy innovation, with pioneering initiatives in social networks and their commitment to sales through the mobile channel. One of the most striking examples is the Fan Shop, a concept created exclusively for the site Privalia in Facebook, which, unlike other existing applications in the social network.

This company it´s utilizing the INVERS LOGISTIC, called also MOLDSTOCK or MOLDEVOLUTION.

This methid solves any problem or situation related to the goods rejected at the point of sale or its final destination. This new division deals with the collection, recycling, treatment and development of the goods, making it available to the manufacturer for further marketing . Moldstock bet for reverse logistics as a service to outsource highlights the importance of taking this type of process in all companies, but especially those dedicated to e- commerce


In today’s marketplace, many retailers treat merchandise returns as individual, disjointed transactions. “The challenge for retailers and vendors is to process returns at a proficiency level that allows quick, efficient and cost-effective collection and return of merchandise. Customer requirements facilitate demand for a high standard of service that includes accuracy and timeliness. It’s the logistic company’s responsibility to shorten the link from return origination to the time of resell.”

By following returns management best practices, retailers can achieve a returns process that addresses both the operational and customer retention issues associated with merchandise returns. Further, because of the connection between reverse logistics and customer retention, it has become a key component within Service Lifecycle Management (SLM), a bussines strategy  aimed at retaining customers by bundling even more coordination of a company’s services data together to achieve greater efficiency in its operations.

ID Logistics gestionará la logística de Privalia                                           Privalia-centro-logistico

Here I found some interesting articles about the logistic of Privalia, they are in Spanish 🙂


Also a nice video about  Privalia´s logistic:

Ways to go green : Environmentally Frendly packaging


My today´s post is about the last week theme of my OSS presentation. It´s an interesting one and these days more and more prefered way of packaging.

Everything you buy from a store would leave some form of waste, particularly the packaging, which we’d throw away the moment its contents are released. Since it is now more important than ever to be conscious about our environment, many brands and designers have produced eco-friendly package designs that are reusable or recyclable to help reduce our carbon footprint in nature.

From paper bags, boxes and tubes to glass jars, these designs are not only unique and creative, but also eye-catching and versatile. Available in a healthy mix of nature’s colors, these 20 eco-friendly package designs are a great source of ideas for packaging designs, that you don’t want to miss out.


More interesting websites  :

And here´s a nice video 🙂 about a company that use eco friendly packaging . Green Century Enterprises is a leader in compostable, recyclable and biodegradable food service packaging in Canada. From disposable hot cups, cold cups, soup bowls, or take out containers, Green Century has what you’re looking for, including customizable options.

Logistic delivers….as if by magic!!!

Looking for something interesting ….something new I found this article that I liked  * DHL Cabinet of Curiosities *

The DHL Cabinet of Curiosities is the latest in a range of innovative Augmented Reality apps by DHL, Official Logistics Partner of Cirque du Soleil®.

As we all know DHL is one of the biggest logistic companies in the world, so I was very surprised to see the relation that they created with the Cirque du Soleil.

Then of course I started looking the DHL web page and as they say they are the world’s largest logistics specialist.

Why ? Well….because they offer freight transportation, warehousing and distribution, supply chain solutions – they cover it all.

They are all over the world , one of the 4 largest companies with : FedEX, TNT Express and UPS. His direct competition is FedEX.


They also bet for the ecologic proposition

Green Logistics Solutions

¨Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing our generation. Increasingly authorities and consumers expect business to calculate, account for and reduce their emissions.¨
Reporting of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) is the first step to greening your logistics.

DHL provides two services – a Carbon Report – and an advanced Online Carbon dashboard.

Carbon Report

  • Maps emissions generated from your transportation within the DHL network
  • Can be prepared on monthly, quarterly or yearly basis
  • Calculation adheres to ‘Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Lifecycle Accounting and Reporting Standard’
  • Calculation adheres to EN 16258 ‘Methodology for calculation and declaration of energy consumption and GHG emissions of transport services’

Online Carbon Dashboard

Has all the benefits of the Carbon Report, plus:

  • Maps emissions from your entire transportation supply chain – including third part networks
  • Maps emissions to individual shipment level
  • Flexible views on different carbon reports – enables simple measurement of emission improvements
  • Ability to simulate and assess carbon footprint and efficiency
  • Assists in supply chain optimization and strategic decision making
In the same thought of the green proposition I found that for the Formula E, DHL provides an extensive range of green logistics services.
If you want to read and know more find here this interesting document :
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My post for this week is related with the HOF3M proposal. Looking for information to solve this proposal I found something interesting is FARM BOOK. is a free agricultural trading community that helps companies and individuals to promote and market their products and services at competitive prices. This integrated platform combines the benefits of a business directory, search engine and a tool for interacting with potential customers. is the only resource for businesses, which allows searching of agricultural products, raw materials and services through a navigation system map.

In any corner of the country in which they reside, the search system Farmbook allows buyers and sellers to search near you or across the country. Whether you are looking for something specific, or just want to watch the games on the site, make it easy.

The system makes it easy whether you are looking for something specific, or just want to see the items on the site the information portal provides facilities for:

  • find new suppliers and customers;
  • explore new products and business opportunities;
  • use of additional resources business information

Farmbook How does it work?

In order to access the ads on the site must pass registration and add information about the products or services they offer or want to buy. You can also add photos or videos of products description. Or just create a page, a business card of your company. Once registered, you can search for listings in the radial distance from you, browse the map or just the type of goods. If you find what you want, you can contact the owner of the ads, sending a message or contact him through his website.
You can find agricultural products, equipment and raw materials, building materials, land, agricultural facilities, services and personnel.

I think this website it´s very helpful for buyers and also for sellers.

Hope you enjoyed my post , here you have the website :

if you want to know more 🙂 . It´s in english , spanish, deutsch and PYCCKии