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How is warehouse of one big company?

I am going to talk about the how big companies design his warehouses to be more efficiently, for that I investigated a lot of for one Company that is Porcelanosa.

Porcelanosa makes building materials and decoration, kitchen, bathroom surfaces and new generation environmental and sustainability solutions, his revenues in the last year was more tan 800 million euros, today it has 4500 employees so it is consider a big Company.

They have 5 logistics centers in Castellon that has 30.600 m2 to storage, capacity to 275.000 pallets and 15.000 boxes to move that use 43 stracker cranes with Easy WMS designed by Mecalux, aslo Mecalux designed the warehouse.

If more easy undertand how they work if we can see that, for this reason I prefer add a video which is a tour for one logistic center.

Ikea and Logistics

Ikea is one of the best companies in relation with the logistics área, so now I would like talk about his competitive advantages.

  •  Packaging
    • Flat package, this type of package help to reduce his holding cost and also the transport cost (They have more capacity and eassy transport).
    • Ikea uses a really Smart and effiency machine to the packaging, before that, they used people who could package 20 products per hour but now the machine could package 720 products per hour, independency about his size and form, neither the machine has holidays and could work 24 hours and 7 days on a week.
  • Shop-Storage
    • Shopp, in the first part they have expose the product that they want to sell, this is like a road and you have a lot of products and ideas.
    • Storage, at the end of that road you arrive to the storage where you can take whatever product that you have seen before. (It type of shops and storage help to the Company to reduce the holding cost).
  • Know how
    • Designers, all the employees know the necesity to do the product in flat package, because if not have this type the product don’t go to the production chain.
    • Clients, they acept the shops-storage and if Ikea has low Price, they can assemble the product.
  • Environmentally friendly
    • •They always recycle the carton, the wood and the plastic and reuse that.
    • Also Ikea has created new pallet of cardboard that is much more environmentally friendly and reducing costs, space and weigh.

People or machines ?

My last post was about the innovation in the warehouse but today I am going to talk about innovation in good distribution. Due to a lot of companies, big companies, are investing amounts of money in the innovation area and they have created automatic cars and trucks.

I’m want to show you the Mercedes Truck this iis scheduled for 2025, but truckers should not worry because the company has said they will still need human support. The truckers will oversees the autonomous system and the autonomous system will monitors the driver. In Nevada, EEUU, this type of trucks are already in the roads but only can use the autonomous system in the highways. These trucks can drive with real traffic and autonomous system helps to save fuel. You can see the Freightliner truck.

These companies want mantain the truckers but other as Google are creating a autonomous truck used to deliver home purchases without requiring the intervention of any human, it has a load area in which a kind of electronic storage, as we can see available in train stations, for example. These safes include a keyboard and various security systems. Also, the door of these compartments will also have a system that will read credit cards, in addition to accepting mobile payments, which means the user will be able to pay for the product to receive it directly. When the vehicle approaches the home where I have to make the delivery, the user will receive a warning message including a code so you can get your package. After that the truck can follow his way.

Advantages for this technology:
-Less delivery time.
-Less fuel.
-Less costs as much as for the company and the customer.
-More security.
-More effective because the truck driver can be reviewing the merchandise from the tablet. (Mercedes and Freightliner).

-Smaller number of persons employed (Google).
-New technology that can not be tested one hundred percent.

What do you think?

Alejandro Rodriguez Barea

Old warehouses VS new warehouses

You can read about the same day recovery in amazon in other post, but we want show the importance of innovation to increase the efficiency and effectiveness, for this we are going to compare the logistics center in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) with the logistics center in Tracy, California.  You can see the process in Madrid and the process in Tracy.

This new technology makes us win: more space capacity, less time to prepare the order (times are down 90minutes to 15minutes), less tired workers that previously they  had to work long distances (the stock amazon has the dimension of 59 fields football).
Similarities: they continue using an ordered chaos and not classify objects by class.

Technology used in both stores: first quality control (photograph, measure and weigh), product identification barcode and very important for my machine labeled (if labeling performs poorly, the package is not sent and the company loses money and image. Many small businesses lose money to make the wrong type labeling for not having this technology).

Future technology: Sending by Drones, FAA, the federal agency responsible for regulating the airspace of the US, Amazon has given permission to use autonomous flying vehicles, although with many restrictions and an experimental license. Amazon hopes to deliver packages in less than 30 minutes, even in rural or difficult to access.


Alejandro Rodriguez Barea