Mercadona sustainable logistics

Based on the Environmental Management System and Circular Economy, Mercadona includes respect for the environment and dedicates more and more efforts towards reducing the environmental impact of its activity, to manufacture more with less resources, promoting the Circular Economy in its processes.

Mercadona has been working for more than 25 years with his logistic totaler supplier Logifruit, with whom have consolidated a sustainable model based on the optimization of resources. One of the main reasons to succeed in is the launched of the plastic pallet and the folding box which are sanitizable, reusable and recyclable.

A clear example of this resource’s optimization is the replacement of rigid boxes by folding boxes which have meant benefits for the whole supply chain. In the space occupied by a rigid box, three folding boxes are transported now. That’s mean a decrease of 96.710 trucks trips, less fuel used and carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Mercadona bet for this circular economy model where the design and resources used allow that pallet and boxes to be finish many circles. From the raw material supplier to the store. You can also add its cleanliness, easy repair and recyclability of these modular designs.

After each cycle of use, each pallet or box return to the warehouse and begin an automated cleaning and disinfection process that guarantees safety and hygiene. After a few minutes they are available to start a new cycle. This way of working allows Mercadona a highly raw material exploitation and work for a “zero residue” program.

The reutilization of these boxes and pallets avoids the usage of 180.000 tons a year of one-use materials. They also improve the transportation and storage costs which help to a competitive price strategy.

Reverse logistics

This process also works due to the reverse logistics and the “Eight strategy”, which main objective is not to transport “air”, that means that trucks do not travel with empty loads.

Trucks carry the used containers to a centre where they are inspected and fixed if it is necessary.  After a few minutes, containers are ready to return to suppliers or stores.  

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