Suez Canal blockade: if you are the in charge, How would you like to solve it?

As an MGEPS student, I believe that the prompt above (title) would be an interesting topic to discuss and even debate, specially in Logistics class.

It’s been 5 days since the blockade occurred in the Suez Canal, one of the world’s important trading/shipping routes. The manager of the canal is faced with a challenge of how to move the Ever Given ship that has a capacity of 240,000 tons.

What happened?

Source: BBC News

Proposed solutions:

Reported by Francisco Jose Moya of Levante (published on 28th of March 2021)

As illustrated on the image above, there are three proposals for moving the ship.

  1. Several tugs push and pull the boat to move
  2. A boat loaded with a suction dredge sucks sand and silt from the bottom
  3. Remove containers and empty fuel to reduce weight and float

What about you? What is your solution? Please feel free to write your proposals on the comment section.

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