UPS supports distribution of COVID-19 vaccine

Since the pandemic hit the world seriously, everyone is looking forward to the vaccines which can ease the impact. UPS, which has been supporting the fair distribution plan of COVID-19 vaccines with practical actions, hopes to protect global vaccine supply chain continues to operate through their foundations, medical care and other organizations. They also cooperates with COVAX, Immunization Gavi and the international care organization CARE, to give priority to the delivery of 20 million doses of vaccines to countries that have not yet obtained enough vaccines and medical personnel and other priority countries, including Indonesia and Myanmar.

UPS is ready to deliver the Covid-19 vaccines.

Coronavirus Testing Logistics Support Plan

“UPS is proud to provide logistics and transportation support to assist with the Administration’s special Coronavirus multi-city testing program. We stand ready to assist to help keep our communities safe,” said David Abney, UPS Chairman and CEO.

UPS are committed to rapidly adjusting the processes to ensure our employees, customers and communities can maintain normal daily life to the greatest extent possible while they adjust to the new realities of this pandemic.

Here are the capabilities of healthcare logistics plan:

  • Quality-focused:Highly-trained quality experts, facility audits, and specialize licensing designed to provide GDP & GMP-compliant healthcare logistics services.
  • Patient-centric:Their culture and solutions are designed to consider the supply chain’s impact on patients.
  • Innovative technology: From next-gen sensors to drones to tracking and recovery, they are building the future today.
  • People and process:5,000 healthcare personnel; solution-driven approaches to help meet the supply chain needs.
  • Global scale: Service to 220+ countries and territories; 8M square feet on healthcare-licensed space.

How does UPS Healthcare work?

UPS Healthcare is an integral part of Operation Warp Speed, COVAX, and other global vaccine initiatives. It manages advanced packing, tracking, and cold and frozen storage to ensure secure, compliant distribution of critical yet fragile vaccines and therapies.

The video shows the how they manage those things with their capabilities:

For more information:

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