Notpla: Plastic-free PACKAGING

Plastic pollution is getting worse

How green are you? The single-use plastics are everywhere in our daily life and more than half of the 300 million tons of plastic made every year. What is worse, according to a survey conducted by Daniel Webb revealed that we were throwing about 8 million tons of plastic away this year, which is much more than the last year. Because of the pandemic, the demand of food delivery and food take-away is rising, which has made the problem worse.

This packaging can be eaten.

Ooho: eco-friendly packaging

The London start-up Notpla has created a plastic alternative from seaweed which is biodegradable in order to develop new packaging solutions as an alternative to single-use plastic packaging. This packaging is called “Ooho”, which can not only be used as fertilizer, but it can also be eaten! The design team used molecular gastronomy technology to produce an edible layer that becomes the best container.

Notpla is hoping its seaweed-based alternative to plastic casing can help reduce plastic waste.

It is everywhere in our daily life

Ooho is a flexible packaging for beverages and sauces. For example, it replaced plastic cups and bottles for Virgin Money London Marathon. The runners could just tear off the corner packaging and drink directly without opening the cover of bottles. Notpla has also cooperated with Glenlivet, a Scotch whisky brand, to manufacture “cocktail without glass” capsules, allowing consumers to drink whiskey directly. Of course, it can encapsulate a wide range of sauces, salad dressings and condiments for the take-away industry.

Keep growing, keep sustainable

“We started this because we wanted to be part of a solution to this plastic crisis.” said cofounder Pierre Paslier

Notpla’s pricing is private, but it sells products to companies whose customers value their eco-friendly credentials. Now, it is launching a new line of disposable food containers that are free from synthetic chemicals and are covered with a waterproof and greaseproof lining. In the past, few companies were concerned about the environmental pollution caused by packaging. Now packaging has become an item that everyone thinks may damage the brand image or values. It can not be denied that everyone has begun to truly realize the importance of sustainability.

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