Order picking with smart glasses

Studying the warehousing slides for the exam, I realised that some of the equipment used in warehousing is long-standing. For that reason, looking for latest technologies and how to include them in the warehouse I found the existence of the smart glasses.

Smart glasses, also known as vision picking, enable employees of the warehouse to work having their hands free in order to do their operations easier. This is not the only advantage of these glasses, in fact, productivity can improve around 15 percent on average, and it is not necessary any infrastructure to use them.

But, how do these smart glasses work? Employees see in their glasses a visual display with the picking instructions including information about the progress, location, quantity or the next pick. Virtual reality also shows where the items should be located freeing workers from reading papers or devices so they can work more comfortably. In addition to be a faster, more accurate and efficient system than traditional methods, the usability of the smart glasses is simple and intuitive so onboarding and training times can be reduced.

One example of the implementation of vision picking in warehousing operations is the DHL warehouse in the Netherlands, as it is explained in the video.

In this link you can find more information about the internet of things world and the smart warehouse including the smart glasses: https://www.datexcorp.com/iot-and-the-smart-warehouse/

One thought on “Order picking with smart glasses”

  1. Interesting post! Do you know about the glasses price? Do you think if It would be useful and efficient for small businesses?

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