Arrive Logistics cuts 10 % of thier workforce, what is next?

Arrive Logistics is a freight brokerage base in Texas. The Coronavirus pandemic also effected the freight markets and therefore in response they are cutting approximately 10% of their workforce.

“It’s a difficult decision and conversation,” Woodhead said. “We’re a people-first organization, and we carried that philosophy into how we handled this. We take our people very seriously and wanted to treat these conversations with the most respect we could give them.”

Not only Arrive Logistics has to take dramatic measures to ensure that the company will survive through this dilemma, Logistics platforms see a 25 % fall I order volume as the outbreak is still continuing.

“Eight percent of the overall trading volume happens through our platform, we used to get around 80,000 to 90,000 container bookings every month, that has fallen by a good 25%,“

Another player in the shipping space, Freightwalla, which manages cargo movement for exporters, said the entire industry was facing multiple challenges and the situation was changing dynamically. With labour being asked to stay at home and many fleeing to their hometowns, industrial production had been hit, in turn, affecting the export sector.

Unfortunately, an end of the pandemic is not yet in sight and therefore many businesses will have to take drastic measures to ensure their survival. The first wave of cutting workforce is just starting and it remains unclear how many will follow.

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