The changed distribution channels—taking masks as an example

Those days are very tough for me and everybody. Because when I was in China, in this moment, China was suffered the coronavirus, people could not be permitted in the streets. And the biggest problem was that we need to wear the mask when we wanted to go to supermarket. But it was very difficult to buy the masks in this time. Some retailers had some inventory about the masks, but some of them wanted to be paid for more money based on the situation of the supply and demand imbalance. Because the masks are really useful in this situation. Here you can see some information about the suggestion about wearing masks.

In this time, many manufacturers had seized the opportunity to product the masks for the public. Meanwhile, the National Health Agency had controlled the current factories. Once they had product masks, the masks would be uniformly deployed. The government just like a retailer, after receiving the demand of the province, they gave information to the factories. The factories delivered the masks like FTL to the province. At this moment, the distribute network just liked a Manufacturer Storage with Direct Shipping. There is a hand drawing about the direct shipping, may be interesting for you.

When the production gradually improved, the citizens also could get some masks in case to go shopping, but they needed to order the masks in the Internet first, and then when the community hospital received the masks, the citizens could pick the masks in this place with the previous order information. Meanwhile, the citizens also could reserve the protective suits from the manufacturer. The community hospital was a Cross-Dock DC. This distribution network is Manufacturer or Distributor warehouse Storage with Customer Pickup.

And there were established many small factories for produce different types of masks and other medical protective equipment. Mouths later, the situation of China is better than before. And the production of manufacturers is very high. However, the demands of masks inside China are saturated. Therefore, some manufacturers are taking the measure about shipping directly with the retailers provide the information flow. This has changed to the first one way. But the role of retailer is not the government anymore. It’s the real retailer.

Nowadays, the coronavirus spreads fast. All the world may need the qualified masks. There are many distributors who collect the materials and import to other countries by carriers, such as Amazon and Alibaba, some bigger companies. Then, there are many small distributors, they would like to do the resell to the customers in the abroad. This distribution network just called Distributor Storage with Carriers Delivery.

The world is changing, for every company, there won’t be one distribution network. With the marketing is changing, choosing the right distributed way to deliver could reduce the cost and attract more customer.

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