record in logistics ThE biggest hospital in spain

Credits: IFEMA

Difficult but not impossible, It is here where I would like to mention the importance of logistics, it is present in our day to day, as the teacher said in class, our environment is surrounded by “logistics”. These days you can see how in several sectors the movement of goods from one place to another has completely stopped and in other sectors it has increased and you could say that they are almost scarce.

Ifema “is a true symbol of what we are capable of doing when we work together,” said King Felipe VI last Thursday, when I visited the site that has enabled the Community of Madrid, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health in just 48 hours. Military Emergency Unit. Given the critical situation that exists in the health network of the capital.

The construction of this emergency hospital was promoted, aimed at the adoption of new measures in light of the rapid evolution of the pandemic due to the COVID-19 coronavirus in the Madrid region. A multitude of companies and organizations, both public and private, have collaborated in its construction, among them the Military Emergency Unit (UME) of the Ministry of Defence, or companies in the distribution sector such as El Corte Ingles, Ikea or Carrefour, committed to donating clothing. bed with which to cover the needs of this emergency hospital.

The provisional hospital was set up in just 18 hours by members of the Armed Forces.

The modular design of the IFEMA fair is important, as it will help expand the availability of beds if necessary. The structure is based on a central part for the infirmary with full availability of services, toilets and showers.

Pavilion 9 of 21,000 m2 has 15 modules of 50 conventional stalls for a total of 750 beds. Hall 7 has 11 modules for 550 beds and two ICU modules with 32 beds in total. These are the current numbers, but it is expected to have 4,500 beds in total over the next few days, with a “high percentage of ICUs”, according to the Madrid Minister of Justice. With the capacity to reach 5,500 beds if necessary, with a separation between beds of 3 meters.

In addition to medical care, the IFEMA campus will act as a warehouse, with medicines, supplies and an entire pavilion dedicated to supply management, also for other hospitals. Regarding meals, the person in charge will be the company responsible for catering at IFEMA, which already has previous experience in hospital care.

In conclusion, we can see that in times of crisis it is essential to have fast and extremely organized logistics, since in this case we are talking of saving millions of lives. In some publications and videos, it can be seen that with regard to the high costs, many of them collaborate with the product delivery management by donating and assuming the expenses corresponding to the steps that are necessary to supply the installation needs of the hospital.

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