Because of the epidemic , we are more united

Correos Express

Madrid, March 26,2020. – Correos Express – Group Correos urgent parcel subsidiary, They will collect all the healthcare material donated by the company free of charge and distribute it to reference hospitals throughout Spain.

The objective is to supply urgently, quickly and efficiently to hospital centers due to large influx of those infected with Covid-19, in a week that is highly critical.

“We want to provide all healthcare professionals with all the material so that they can work in complete safety,” defends David Barrero, Operations Director of Correos Express.

Whether a company is worthy of the people to trust it, buy their services, and delivery our truth to them, as to buy their stock, can be seen when the country’s difficult times, what this company did to their “mother”, and what was returned to the country.

Judging by a company’s value and corporate beliefs, whether this company can grow long-term, whether it can become stronger and stronger, and whether it can be worth the investment.

Under the severe situation of the epidemic, what adjustments have the express companies made to the logistics and distribution business and the express staff?

  1. Due to the impact of the epidemic, nearly half of the company’s operations were suspended, resulting in reduced logistics requirement, and the corresponding number of logistics company staff on duty decreased to meet the requirements of normal operations.
  2. Since there are different areas with different situation of epidemic, the company has been cancelled some routine of transportation to some areas, in order to avoid their staff to be infected.
  3. All the courier wear masks, gloves, and keep a distance of 1 meter from the client to implement non-contact pickup and collection service.

Although the service process may not be as efficient as usual, the safety factor is very high, which reassures customers. This is also the value of a logistics company.

All of this cannot be said to be perfect, but it is necessary. I hope everything passes as soon as possible.

Ánimo España

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