How the astronauts store food?

Hey space geeks! ( Maybe I’m the only one). We are here another week with a short but curious article about space issues, that can help us to deal with the lockdown.


We know (now) that with confinement there are also other struggles that we didn’t experience before, as how to stock all the food we need for a week in our little closets. So why don’t to learn from the best? If we talk about confined people it is better to go directly to the masters in this topic: The astronauts on the International Space Station ( ISS). Some of them have spent more than a year there, and stocking food for long time missions it’s incredibly difficult, in terms of space, expiration date and weight of the mission. I have found different videos that may be interesting for you.

First we have a deep explanaiton about how to prepared the food(mostly dehydrated food), stock there in the rocket and then in the ISS.

We have much more information on the internet, but and interesting presentation about how the food is stored at the ISS can be found here, where Thomas Pesquet, an ESA French Astronaut, explains how eat without gravity. The most interesting thing, concerning the subject, of the video, is to see where they usually eat ( and to be happy because in our confinement we have a bit more space than here), and where they store the food( you can see a deeper explanation, if needed here, by Frank the Winne, the boss of the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne).

In the last years they have also started to produce their own food, so it is easier for them to have fresh food and at the same time, it is better for the mission, as they can reduce the weight, that is the most expensive thing as you have seen in the first video.

Just to finish, in this video you have a short tour of the ISS, so you can understand and see the way they store their products in all the walls and even on the floor, trying to safe space from everything. In this case is not a short video, but if you have some time it can be interesting for you.

Some more information in general about this topic can be found here, where the NASA team explains all the process, since the food is on Earth until how they eat it at the ISS.

As always, let me know if you want more post related to the aeronautics or space field and if you have any doubt or something to add.


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