Coronavirus: New challenge to buy in Mercadona

I am going to talk about “Mercadona” which you can find it at every corner in Valencia.Mercadona is the Spanish distribution chain that sells the most own-brand or reseller branded products, accounting for 46.5 per cent of the total products sold. In addition, about 60% of the products it sells come from its own brands.Literally,we can buy basic things we need for life in here.

In this crisis time, Mercadona as a resource of people living .It is a huge responsibility to make sure enough physical supply.

“If there is anything that will make the situation worse it is fear,” said Juan Roig, chairman of Mercadona supermarket chain, who insists that the reason shelves are empty is because people are stockpiling rather than because there is a shortage.

“If you see the shelves are empty, that’s because they are sold out in that shop not because there aren’t more stocks in the warehouses. Our outlets are being restocked daily.”

Meanwhile  Aurelio del Pino, the head of ACES, an association representing large supermarket chains in Spain , assures that “supplies to the stores are absolutely guaranteed in every region of Spain.”

In Mercadona, we are seeing no disruption to the supply chain beyond the shortage of hand sanitizing gels and alcohol cleansers.

He insists that products are being restocked daily.

Supply and internal measures:
As they have assured, the stores will remain supplied, reinforcing and guaranteeing the supply of basic and basic necessities, so that our clients can make their daily purchases. In order to protect food safety, in no case and under no circumstances will product returns be accepted.

Supermarket delivery services full to capacity

For those who want to avoid the mayhem of visiting the supermarket, might online ordering and delivery to the door prove a solution? 

Take-away delivery services are still operating.Well, yes but there are reported difficulties from across the board of supermarkets with delivery slots not being available for up to a week in advance.  

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