In the midst of panic and confinement situation, measures taken from the government leaders of the different nations, the concern of the British state about a shortage of medical equipment arises, which forces the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to call urgently to the manufacturing industry.

Call for businesses to help make NHS ventilators

The aim is to increase production by making immediate changes to production lines, something that not all companies consider ready. However, time is running out, and every minute is gold, it is wartime, and it has to be made to work.

Ventilators are vital in the treatment of patients whose lungs have been attacked by the infection. The health secretary told that the country currently has 5,000 ventilators but said it would need “many times more than that”.

Interview Health Secretary Matt Hancock

But questions remain over how engineering firms with no experience of producing ventilators will be able start manufacturing the complex medical devices.

The use of NHS ventilators means that twice as much space must be used as usual, in the face of the collapse of hospitals. For this reason, the Best Westen hotel chain has ceded its rooms and other facilities to the government in case they were needed. In short, the United Kingdom wants to be prepared to face this health crisis.

I encourage you to comment on “ingenious” measures with which your countries will be alleviated from the lack of logistics that COVID-19 has created.

And if you are interested in knowing more about the news I recommend the following links and sources of the post:

Why doesn’t the UK have enough NHS ventilators?


  1. Your post is really interesting, Ecuador has closed their borders and has prohibit exports of medical supplies in order to guarantee the national demand. Also, is giving help to first needs goods producers to increase the demand and avoid shortages, because people are doing a lot of panic shopping and is leaving the shelves empty.

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