LOGISTICS ISSUES FACED BY restaurants during the Coronavirus crisis

As the governments announced a quarantine in the whole country a few days ago, almost every businesses in Spain, Italie and France had to stop their activity for an undefined period of time.

This is the case of many restaurants: not only big multinational companies such as KFC, but also small independent and/or family companies. As the virus began to spread all around Europe, problems started to rise and decisions had to be made. 

One of the first issue that restaurants had to face, is about stocks: « What are we going to do with all the perishable food that we currently have in our inventory?».  

I observed three different reactions taken by the restaurants: give all the leftovers to their own employees (ex: Salad&Co in Lille, France), give the food to associations for people in need, and selling the leftovers to their customers (such as the restaurant Papa Raffaele in Lille, France). 

Example of a popular italian restaurant in Lille, France which organized a market to sell all its leftovers

A second problem that restaurants had to face is the following question : « Are we going to offer delivery services ? ». The question involves a high responsibility as some people think that it is against the recommendations given by the government, and it is not safe for the deliverer and the customers to be in contact together. But on the other side, the economic situation of the restaurant owner may be critical if he/she does not keep working thanks to home deliveries. Moreover, the platforms such as Deliveroo or Glovo kept working, so it means that other restaurants already made this choice.

To conclude, several logistics decisions had to be made very rapidly by restaurant owners. I think that these decisions were easy to make as it involves the safety of others, the financial situation of the owner and it has been made in a context of stress and uncertainty.  

And you, what would you have done in terms of inventories and deliveries if you have owned a restaurant in Valencia? 

3 thoughts on “LOGISTICS ISSUES FACED BY restaurants during the Coronavirus crisis”

  1. Hi Chloe!, the coronavirus situation is really critical right now, I have seen in the news that a lot of people is getting fire because restaurants like Burguer King, Pans, Mcdonald´s are closing to respect the sanitary measures. I think that enterprises should follow the lead of some enterprises that are donating their products that will not be sold because there are a lot of people that live on a daily basis and won´t be able to afford food because are homeless or have lose their jobs. Also, the goverment is talking about giving enterprises some helps to avoid bankrupcy.
    Here is the link of Burger King that is thinking of presenting an ERTE for their 14000 employees.

  2. Your post is so interesting!!! The consequences for the restaurant trade are horrible! Some news programmes have reported that some restaurants are preparing complete menus to be distributed to the elderly, for whom going out to buy the basic necessities is a great risk. On the other hand, restaurants see “home delivery” as a salvation from the losses generated by the health crisis.

  3. Thank you both for your interesting comments and opinions!! Yes, this topic is very controversial as everyone has its own opinion on the subject, which mostly deals with economy and the safety of others. I am very curious about the way everything will evolve in the next few weeks…!

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