What is Hema Xiansheng ?

Hou Yi, as the CEO of HEMA, has 20 years of physical retail experience and was the logistics director of JD.com. This is an online and offline integrated supermarket, offline experience, and online transactions. It mainly solves the problem of lack of high quality, safe and fresh food in the fresh food industry.

HEMA XIANSHENG uses Internet technologies, such as big data, the Internet, the Internet of Things, and automation technologies, to achieve the best match between people, goods, and markets, and to achieve automatic integration of warehouse and distribution to greatly improve logistics efficiency.

Five criteria:
1) Online and offline unified members
2) Unified inventory
3) Uniform price
4) Unified marketing
5) Unified settlement

The Hema supply chain involves the entire business chain from commodity procurement to warehousing and logistics to distribution to consumers.

In terms of forecasting the purchase of goods, Hema made accurate store selections and purchase plans and inventory allocation based on Ali Big Data and Hema’s own customer data. The main product is fresh imported fresh.

Hema’s warehouse is divided into two levels. The first level is a (regional) central warehouse that has the functions of quality inspection, commodity standardization, and live seafood breeding. The other level is a (Hema store) storehouse. Because the storehouse also plays the role of store retail, Hema uses electronic price tags to ensure that the online and offline products have the same price in real time, and the sales and replenishment are synchronized; the location and inventory information of each store’s products can be transmitted back to Central warehouse, intelligent inventory adjustment between the two warehouses.

  1. Distribution
    The order package can reach the consumer in about 30 minutes (within a distance of 3 kilometers). First, the Hema system will concatenate different orders on the same route based on the order aging node order, order address, and other information. Then, based on the order batch, category, distribution area familiar to the distributor, Information such as the specific location of the delivery person at this time, calculate the delivery task list including the optimal delivery path and submit it to the delivery person who is most suitable for receiving the order.

From the video , you can see that HEMA XIANSHENG in Beijing, the price of a small abalone for 3.9 yuan (0.8 euro). But in the United States, you can only eat fresh abalone in Florida.This shows that HEMA minimizes transportation costs and inventory costs.
Normally, in the Nevaska, people want to eat big lobster, they need to drive 25 hours to the local waterfront area to eat.

Today, some stores in Beijing and Shanghai can already deliver 24 hours.

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