Ist The future of logistics underground?

During transportation, people always face traffic jam. In order to solve this problem, people have proposed the idea of ​​establishing an underground logistics system to carry goods through an underground pipeline network. This transportation method is safer and faster and will not be affected by weather and road conditions. It can change the way of logistics and cargo transportation while solving the air pollution problems caused by traffic congestion and exhaust emissions.

Magway is a British startup company which is planning to replace traditional ground truck transportation and build an underground logistics network. The network consists of a series of pipes less than 1 meter in diameter. These transportation pipelines are similar to underground water and gas pipelines. Parcels will be transported in pipelines through cargo bays, which will follow a track driven by synchronous electromagnetic motors (similar to the technology used in roller coasters). The first underground logistics line planned by Magway will be from Hatfield to Royal Park, a distance of about 32.2 kilometres. The line is expected to be operational by 2022 and will transport more than 600 million packages per year.

In China, also conceived a set of underground intelligent hubs for intelligent logistics. The concept also uses underground logistics transportation methods, applying magnetic levitation and direct drive magnetic power technology, and completing the transportation of goods through the operation of “transport cabins” in pipelines.

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