The logistic behind the flowers.

Have you ever thought in how the flowers in the international supermarkets arrive to the showcases? Well, if you don’t but you’d like to research a bit this post could give you some highlights of the awesome logistic chain that these colourful goods follow in the international market.

It is necessary to mention that this post is based on the logistic chain of the flowers produced in Colombia which is the second biggest exporter worldwide. In 2018 this product arrived to more than a hundred countries representing US$1460 million dollars, 260.000 tons spread in 60 different species and 1600 varieties.

The freshness and beauty of the Colombian flowers is wanted all over the world but behind the quality there is a whole machinery based on information and communication technologies, ancestral knowledge, and public policies which together as a gear works to ensure and warrantee the international quality of the product.

Resultado de imagen de cultivos flores sabana de bogota

There are three different factors which are crucial for the product, these ones are: Technical capabilities maturity, which means the usage of information technologies within the process of the product which allows to have a documental logistic in order to trance the product. The second one is the public policy’s maturity which refers to the creation of clear rules and benefits for the flower’s producers as well as a reduction of the bureaucracy for reducing waste of time which is essential for the freshness of the product. The last one is the maturity of the economic relations.

The process must be fast, and the product can be only transported in plane because of the nature of it. In here there is a video where the process to export roses to USA in Saint Valentine’s day is explained:

This post was written based on the resport published by Revista Dinero:

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