Can that fit on each other and fit with the environment

As we commented in class, the packaging is an important factor in the design of a product. The packaging will protect the product in order to be delivered without harm to the clients but also is important for logistics because this will affect the way to transport and handle it. 

Packaging represents approximately 15% of the cost of the product. We have to take into consideration that it is not only the glass, the plastic bottle, the tetra pack, is also the pallet, the plastic, the strips among others. Material that most of it will be garbage at the of the day and will end in the ocean and dumps (More than 200 kilos are throw to the ocean every second)

A lot of companies are becoming aware of the damages and the new trends and are innovating and trying to find ways to contaminate less and save money with the packaging. An example of innovation is CORONA, of Grupo Modelo, a Mexican beer company that is trying to eliminate the use of plastic of the six-pack rings with interlocking cans

This new innovation is called Fit pack and the design is available so everyone can use it, is an effort to eliminate the use of plastic in the industry. The beverage industry is responsible for producing 16.5 million tons of plastic packaging every year and around 8.8 million tons enter the ocean every year.

This is a great idea that will help the environment and reduce costs.

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