The logistics of the best restaurant of the world

Hello guys!!!

I don’t know if you know that I love to cook, it’s not what I do better but I love it because I think that it’s really fun.

I would like to write a post related with the logistics inside a restaurant. I’ve been searching about these topic and I found that there’s one restaurant the best of the world that it’s called El Celler Can Roca.  These restaurant has a really strong model of management and logistics that could be a referent.


For Josep Roca, one of the owners of El Celler Can Roca, it’s really difficult to became the first mover only with a good food. El Celler has a difference that it’s their management of the supply chain that give them a transversal vision that contributes in adding value to the whole service. The import point is not what’s done, it’s how it’s done.

In the Celler Can Roca there are as internal clients as external clients. In that restaurant the providers take an important paper, specially farmers, cattlemen and producer of any raw material. The proximity with their providers for them are very important.

Of the 360 product references that are in the Celler, the 85% have their origin in an area of less than 50 kilometers.

So, for them there are 3 ingredients for the exit of the restaurant, and of course logistics is one of these ingredients:


So the model that I talk before is based in the third point, that is the good relationship and the empathy with their providers and also to be located near them.

In the following video you can know more about everything related with Can Roca:

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