Takkyubin: How to speed up the flow of people

When you have a very saturated warehouse, with a very high number of movements, all you have to do is find a way to speed up these movements. Japan is one of the countries with the highest population density, has a total of 126 million people, with an average of 339.5 people per km2. Yamato, a Japanese parcel company, wanted to use its logistical know-how to make life easier for Japanese people and tourists visiting the country.

This service is popularly known as Takkyubin and consists of sending suitcases from one point to another in Japan. Simply fill out a form with the address of the destination and the date of delivery (minimum 24h). You can ask the company to pick up the luggage at the hotel or you can take them to one of the offices in the train stations.

The cost of this service is really reduced and allows the Japanese and the tourist to travel without worrying about their luggage. For example, sending suitcases from Kyoto to Tokyo (460km) costs between 8 – 17 euros depending on the size.

This service allows the flow of people on public transport to be much more agile. It is so useful and important that even the government of Japan has begun to publicize it through its tourism agency among visitors to the country as “Japan hands free travel”.

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