How to design an efficient picking?

As Cristina, I have also been looking at the 50 proposed questions and I saw some of them about picking. What does it mean picking about “operator-to- product” or “product-to-operator”?

As we have been seeing in class, designing a picking is essential to ensure that the products arrive in time.
We have defined the picking as the work of collection in storage of the goods of a container or pallet and subsequent classification. Although it is not a task that requires a great personal qualification, it is a fundamental point in the logistics chain because, a bad management of the picking, it would spoil the rest.
The companies have to be as effective as possible with the picking to save time and money, avoiding possible incidents.

Tips to optimize picking

  1. The division into phases to know how much is being lost at each moment. In the picking, the phases are preparation, route, extraction and conditioning.
  2. Knowing the division in phases allows optimizing the work, hence it is convenient to record all movements using a specialized software tool.
  3. Although it’s not a job that requires a great specialization. It’s quite mechanical and work can be reduced exponentially.
  4. Knowing the summits of receipt of goods from the warehouse.
  5. Knowing the volume of movement of goods is essential to know if a mechanized system is needed or is for the operators.

Types of existing picking

  • Operator to product: it is the employee who moves from the receiving line of merchandise to the place of classification.
  • Product to operator: a mechanical system facilitates the merchandise to the worker until he can pick it up with his hands.
  • Mixed picking: integrates both models, being typical of large companies.

The logistic structure of each company will be fundamental, as well as the means of transport, as they will influence the final decision for the reception of the merchandise. The picking has been perfected because the merchandise was spoiled by bad management. Many people have lost a shipment or suitcase and the problem has occurred during this critical point.
Designing efficient picking is a complex task if you start from scratch but, with a series of guidelines, it does not have to be. The logistic processes respond to a determined methodology and what is demanded, above all, is a logic.

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