44024242-stock-vector-clock-with-day-night-concept-clock-face-vector-illustration-blue-sky-with-clouds-and-sun-moon-and-stOvernight shipping is an absolute masterpiece of logistic that happens every single night. It may not be cheap , but you can get a package shipped from Florida on Monday night to Alaska by 8:30 am on Tuesday .The speed and efficiency of these worldwide delivery networks is mind blowing , and it all happens while we sleep .

The three major consumer courier companies are FedEx , DHL , and UPS and each is impressive as the last .blogg3

FedEx has more planes than Emirates , Etihad and Qatar airways , combined DHL delivers to every country in the world including North Korea , and UPS flies to more than double as many destinations as the largest passenger airlines . Each has a global network that allows for lighting fast shipping at relatively low prices . behind all this speed are enormous air networks that connect that entire world daily .

Each of these three operates hundred of flights nightly , but FedEx is the best example since their operations make them the largest cargo airline in the world . they have 650 planes , flying to 400 destinations , carrying 6 million packages every single day and the vast majority of these flights operate to or from one of their hubs airports .

The process :


Immediately upon the plane arrival , the planes are unloaded and their Packages are put into the hub’s automated sorting system , within only 15 minutes , each package arrives at a staging area for the next flight where its loaded into containers .

Planes therefore can start taking off again at 2 am and continue to until 4 am . which means that everywhere in the world have a FedEx Plane arriving by 6 am , to get small towns fast , FedEx runs flight in small propeller aircraft from the destination of their large jets .

Packages are transferred from planes to smaller planes , to trucks to reach their destination as fast as possible .

FedEx , DHL and UPS meanwhile are continuously focusing on future increasing the efficiency of their networks since in this business more than Time is Money

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