Amazon inventory management

From bikes to miles of conveyor belts there’s a lot of ways to get around this massive 1.2 million square foot fulfilment center in phoenix Arizona that’s the size of 28 football fields over 15 million items are stoked in this facility everyday and the endless rows of jumbled consumer goods looks like there’s no method to this mind blowing madness but that’s definitely not the case that process is called random stone and what will happen is the associates will look for places that the that particular item will fit into it up in and it doesn’t necessarily have to be next to the same item we prefer it to be very random you got that right.
With over 2,000 full time employees at facility online shoppers who click buy immediately alert handheld technology scanners that tells associates where to retrieve the product and then uses an algorithm to send employs to the most optimal next item to be picked.

Amazon’s busiest employees are actually there kiva robots their strength is equivalent with an NFL linebacker they weigh over 300 pounds and they can lift up to 750 pounds in a fulfilment center where we handle larger items those particular robots can hand can lift up to 3,000 pounds now the products travel on these yellow boxes called totes through eight miles of sky-high conveyor belts until they reach another incredible technology called the slam line which stands for shipping labeling and manifesting.
And they already know how much product should weigh before it ships, so if it sees that the book you ordered is not weighing as mush as it should within the computer system it will kick off that item to this side and the associate will pick it up and address it and make sure that the right item is sent out the door.
The final step for the packages to head out the door and ship door the boxes are pushed down metal chutes that are separated according to shipping preference workers are then challenged to a game to Tetris as they have to pack the item tightly together wasting no space.

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