UPS The Logistics Of Love



Means used to deliver services
Of course, this steamers, along with some steam machines and this beside the people walking on .. In 1915 the company has become “four cars steam … Five motorcycles …. 20 man walks on foot ”
After the company became active in areas other than the city of Style only, in 1919 the name of the company had to be renamed “United Parcel Service” and the quality of service was the basis of the company and the key to the continuation of success. This new name also came to emphasize that UBS is a short or famous name for United Parcel Service
UPS is now an international company with branches all over the world that deliver goods and parcels to customers and have expanded to become the fastest-moving aircraft carrier. Today, UPS has the world’s largest fleet, with its fleet taking 8th place in size The number of aircraft “237 aircraft” .. The countries that serve it has reached 220 countries … The shipments that connect them amounted to about 15 million shipments per day.



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