“Machines that build machines”

Exactly, “machines that build machines”, the Gigafactory of Tesla and Panasonic, located in Sparks Nevada, EEUU and operating since 2014. 

It is being built in phases, in order to produce as the construction proceeds and obtain better yields. The facilities of this factory, occupy 180 thousand square meters and 492 thousand square meters of functional space in various heights. The construction is 30% completed, producing the main 3 and Y models of Tesla cars. But at the end of construction is expected to produce 500,000 batteries for for different models of electric cars.

It will be be the largest building in the world, looking to reduce the environmental impact with self-sufficient energetically through solar panels, windmills, and geothermal systems.

 Elon Musk’s (co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company) believes that electric vehicles must be produced in large volumes in order to reduce costs, this production must be located in the continent where the consumers are.

 Here is the video of this amazing building, ¡Enjoy it!

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