Most of us known that today is a very important day for Spain, because it’s Spanish election year, we are going to chose our new president, who will represent us for the next four years. These process has a tremendous logistics to organize everything, and sometimes people are not focused in how important all of these is.


The government delegation in the CV has prepare all the logistics devices in all the “electoral schools”, so everything is ready today for the citizens who have been elected to stay in the “electoral schools” to go to the school and open the doors, starting in that way the Electoral process.

There lot’s of things to have in consideration, in Valencia there are 3 million 657 thousand of people that are going to vote, these takes lots of issues in consideration, from the one point tables, booths, ballot boxes, ballots and envelopes are really important to ensure that everything proceeds with absolute normality. And from the other hand national police, regional police, civil guard and local police will be more than 11 thousand in CV.


The Sub-secretary of the Ministry of the Interior, Isabel Goicochea, explained that the electoral bugged has been divided into four parts: Public administration, electoral logistics, postal operator and dissemination of official scrutiny and telecommunications. The total amount of money that has been expended amount to 138.961.516,72 euros.

In the following link we can find a video that explains the distribution of the budget for the General Elections:




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