Amazon New Robots to deliver parcels and goods without human intervention


Amazon has announced new self-driving robots, and revealed that six of these robots will deliver the packages to customers in a neighborhood in Sinohomish County, Washington. Support each six-wheeled robot to be able to walk easily, and provided with powerful batteries, to be able to deliver packets independently.
Amazon confirmed that urban or suburban residents would not have to worry about colliding with the robot on the street.

Each robot supports a door to make it easier for users to open it to remove their own package. It is not clear how robots check user identity, but other independent delivery robots require users to enter code on the robot’s touch screen first before they can get their package or Their goods.

Currently, scouting robots will deliver the packages from Monday to Friday during the day, said Sean Scott, vice president of the company through the official blog.

The way they work now is that these devices will follow their delivery path independently, but will initially be accompanied by an Amazon employee. We developed the robot in our R & D laboratory in Seattle to ensure safe and efficient mobility around pets, pedestrians and anything else in sight. . And to provide greater sustainability and convenience to customer delivery.


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