Logistics in Correos

Correos is a company with 100% public capital, whose owner is the Spanish State. Correos is the main nucleus of the group’s activities through the provision of universal postal service to all citizens and is at the same time the reference company in the Spanish market, one of the most liberalized in the European Union.


Correos has been chosen as the most attractive logistics company in Spain to work. It’s the second consecutive year that these company obtains that valuation, according to the Randstad Employer Brand Research report elaborated from more than 7,200 surveys nationwide.

In the light of the growth of electronic commerce, the development of parcel logistics is one of the most promising areas in a digital world and Correos has been able to adapt to the new times and transform itself to remain a benchmark in the logistics sector of the commerce, digitizing processes and innovating in new tools.

Electronic commerce has grown exponentially in recent years. In the global market it grows 17% in 2017 and only in Spain the turnover of electronic commerce increased almost 25% year-on-year, reaching 6,756.9 million of euros.

Due to the change in consumer habits, Correos has adapted their strategy and invested in commerce to get closer to their customers. Commerce, drones, robots and new systems that make it possible to streamline the supply chain and allow companies, especially packaging, to approach their biggest challenge: the last mile.

In the following video we can watch an example about how Correos works:

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