Fully Autonomous Robots: The Warehouse Workers of the Near Future

i was thinking about companies that have a huge amount of inventory how they manage their stock and what are the best ways to manage them , I have searched how these stores will form in the future to help those companies to manage the stock in the best way.

the grocery warehouse they service stores with dry good items they receive directly from the manufacturer and stock items and then deliver them to the stores by their request.

They take those pallets, load them up in conveyors and then the first robot would take that pallet apart layer by layer. Those layers would then be broken up into single case quantities and then stored within the structure by the next set of robots.

They then receive the customer’s order and they would give them an order for coffee and for peanut butter and mayonnaise and whatever else they wanted.
Those cases would then be retrieved by the bots, and then brought out to a third set of robots, which would then build the customer’s order in a pallet to their specification.
The system can cut labor cost by 80% and reduce warehouse size by 25% to 40%.

People do not handle the products in the automated system. On each shift, they have five to six associated out on the floor that are monitoring the system and there to resolve any issues that come up and keep the lines running. Its running essentially 20 to 21 hours a day, its seven days a week. The reason we can store things more efficiently is because they really don’t have any barriers to store one product next to another. They can store it as needed to get the most efficient through put in the system.

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