The failure (¿?) of Mercadona

I want to tell you about this issue because the other day I was driving on the Ademuz Highway and I saw a large sign on a ship at Quart de Poblet (Valencia): MERCADONA ECOMMERCE.

I have decided to investigate on this subject and I’m goint to tell you what I’ve discovered:

In addition to the technological limitations that it has (for example, it has basic web design and it also can not be used in mobile phones, because the interface is not practical…) there are other much more serious ones, in my opinion: at the moment this service is only in Valencia and not all Valencia’s areas have access to it.

And here what is interesting for us: the orders of customers who buy on this new website won’t be prepared and sent from the chain’s physical sales points, but will be managed from different logistics centers (which it has named « hives ») scattered throughout the country. So the “ship” that I saw in Quart de Poblet was a “hive”, a logistic center! It is a logistics center of more than 12,000 square meters, in which there are different products (fresh, cleaning, frozen, packaged, etc.)

But, following the limitations of this new form of business: users are forced to make a minimum purchase of € 50. Also the shipping costs are € 7.21 and it is not delivered on the same day!

So … why does J. Roig say that this business was going to be based on Logistics?

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