Edelivery Barcelona

Hi all! I have been thinking about what topic choose to write about.. and researching on the internet I have found something interesting. It’s a different topic than what we usually write here but I think it may be good to know about it.

Source: EDelivery Barcelona, http://www.edeliverybarcelona.com

There is a famous fair of congresses in Barcelona (Spain) focused entirely on Logistics! More specifically, the sectors that are present are Logistics, Operations, New technologies, software, E-logistics solutions, Handling systems, Payment solutions and privacy and legal services and Consultancy.

In this place more than 50 companies from these sectors and more than 500 attendees of the e-commerce industry, retail and delivery, meet to discuss the latest trends in the sector. Also they hold congresses, business opportunities arise, new clients, many CEO of companies, investors, it is also an opportunity to solve your doubts, obtain information of the sector, big brands come, know about innovation and so on.

These are some of the retailers and brands that were in the previous edition (2018)

In the previous edition, very interesting ideas emerged. I’m going to mention you the ones that I liked the most:

ELIOPORT (That during this event won the Best Startup Award from eDelivery Barcelona): It presented a last mile delivery solution by providing a fleet of self-loading and unloading terrestrial robots. These robots can travel in public spaces on pavements to cover a distance between the final logistics point and the customer’s home. Also a system of gates to receive the orders in the homes of the clients.

SCOOBIC (which received the Best Innovation Award): it has managed to create a 100% electric scooter with the load capacity of a commercial van.

What do you think, guys?
If Josepe teaches us to be a good logistics professionals maybe one day we can be there with our company … and if we don’t, we always have the option of be a simple visitors 😛

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