I love this video because it shows me how do such giants warehouse distribute customers orders in the picking station and, if you focused on the detail, the position of those boxes are well setted ,there’s nothing special but make it square with robot pallet size.

Some employees who work in IKEA was asked why do you feel happy in such a giant warhouse facing with those robots every day?

A single mother replied that, they are just few workers(average to 100)here, but the automatic order-picking eliminate some kind of work and task which they were supposed to implement before.Now, she has time to send her kids to chirldren and accompany them somehow.

Automatic order-picking system reduce orders preparation cost and numbers of personnel working in warehouse. Some of the benefits like control inventory management well, less risky in peronnel safety problem and, make the pallet more precisely.

It has been using more commonly nowadays, such an advanced technology drives logistic supply chain developed more resultful.

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