oxxo’S history

Oxxo is one of the biggest selfservice chains in México; available now too in Chile and Colombia. It’s the first choice whenever you want or need any product or even make some payment. Here there are some interesting facts about it…

1.- Created in 1978 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon by a brewery called Cuauhtémoc. The logo was originally trying to represent a shopping car.

2.- The second cash register is only used for register new products brought by supliers. So, not the best choice if your’re in a hurry and find people before you.

3.- They’re NOW starting to use the 2nd chash for customers after their competition (7 eleven) made a joke about it on twiter.

4.- 54% of their workforce are women

5.- There are more than 17,400 stores in Mexico alone; plus 79 in Chile and 80 in Colombia. In México they are reportedly opening 3 new stores every day.

6.- You can find pretty much everything. The weirdest thing to find according to management has been beach sandals.

7.- If you live in Mexico City, you can pay for your Birth Certificate or your Marriage licence in an Oxxo.

8.- In 2001 they were the first to implement cellphones credit recharge in store.

9.- You can pay more than 5,000 services in stores. Some of them being electricity, water supply, phone services, TV, taxes, etc.

10.- You can make deposits to your or other bank accounts through an Oxxo.

This is just a little bit of information regarding one of the favorite stores in México. As you can imagine, you cannot walk 2 blocks without encountering one, and they have become real handy.

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