Shinkansen, the Japanese bullet trains

Shinkansen high speed trains are the fastest way to discover Japan, the most important one is still in production process and is called “Maglev”, it will be able to reach a speed of 501 km/h .

There are different types of trains that circulate in each of the Shinkansen lines. They take their names of different animals depending on their speed. There are express trains, which are the fastest, semi-express and local or urban trains.

To increase the competitiveness of Japan’s train stations, the government is carrying out actions to improve services and reduce costs, and also equipping stations with container terminals and innovative logistics systems.

But talking again about the Maglev, this train beat the previous world speed record at 590 kilometers per hour. This train works through a magnetic levitation system that uses linear motors installed near the rails and that causes the magnetic field to elevate the train up to 10 centimeters above the rails , eliminating contact and making the only element of friction be the air.

Central Japan Railway wants for the ‘Maglev’ to start operating in 2027 between the a station in the south of Tokyo and the city of Nagoya. The 286 kilometer journey, which the bullet train currently covers in 88 minutes, would be reduced to 40 minutes with the ‘Maglev’.

In the next video we can see a real test of the Maglev performance.

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