Queue management in Disney land

I went to Primark last summer in the season of sale and there was long queue. But they have organized small products inside the queue to distract the waiting time, which was one of the ways to organize queue. Before 2 months, due to some emergency, I went to hospital Clinico here in Valencia and I have to wait for 3 hours there to get my treatment because there was already a queue of patients. That was awful.

We have studied about queue management system and how it is applied to manage and analyze the flow of visitors and to prevent the formation of queues altogether. It can be applied in a retail store, hospital, mall, etc. But what if there are different places in one location and there is a need of queue management at every places. For example Disney land. There are numerous rides, museums, parks and long queues. Visitors are there to be entertained, but more clearly, to be entertained throughout every part of the Disney World experience. The Magic Kingdom at Disney World in Florida, which had more than 20 million visitors last year. So how they manage it?

Disney world has some interactive television through which a guest can watch a clip or play games while waiting and on some lines queuing system ask guests to text message jokes to a specified number and if their joke is selected then it will be read aloud in the live show. Moreover, they made change in 2014 by introducing smart phone app and magic band bracelets with embedded RFID chips that guests use to schedule ride times, character meet-and-greets, parade viewing, dinning and more. Also, by using Fastpass + from home, guests can adjust their schedules as much as 60 days before they arrive.

disney band

Next time be ready with Fastpass+ 🙂



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