Nitrogen is an inert gas that barely dissolves in water and is not combustible. Therefore, it is an ideal gas for inertisations in different industries. Its low boiling point (-196ºC) makes it the ideal refrigeration agent for freezing and refrigeration processes.

The Nitrogen applies in various sectors:

Chemical industryInerting or blanketing for flammable chemicals, bulk materials or powder, Temperature control in tanks and reactors, Freezing of pipes for repair and maintenance work.

Welding and cutting: Auxiliary gas for laser and plasma cutting, Gas for root protection in pipe welding.

Automotive and transport: Root protection in the welding of automobile components, Filling of aircraft tires and race cars.

Metallurgy and metal industry: Heat treatment of metals to provide a surface of more quality and flexibility, Lace of metal pieces, Fine in the production of steel and aluminum.

Environment: Recovery of volatiles (VOCs) from gas and vapor emissions, Recycling of plastics and tires through the cryogenic grinding process.

Feeding: Freezing and refrigeration of food, Gas for food packaging in modified atmosphere, Cryogenic grinding of spices, Cryo Cooking with nitrogen in haute cuisine.

Health: Cryogenic conservation of biological samples, Cryosurgery and dermatology, Propellant gas for medical devices.

Pharmaceutical industry: Auxiliary material for the production of active substances, Inertization of equipment, Temperature control in reactors.



Bottles and liquid containers: Nitrogen in bottles and blocks of high pressure (200 and 300 bar) from a capacity of 1 to 235 m3. Also liquid nitrogen in fixed or transportable cryogenic containers (dewars) of various sizes.

Liquid supply: liquid nitrogen by tank truck offering cryogenic storage tanks of different capacities.

Supply On-site: For a greater demand of nitrogen exists installation of on-site generation plants.

Gas pipeline supply: To large consumer customers located in large industrial areas the supply is provided through a network of gas pipelines to ensure the greatest flexibility and reliability of supply.



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