Vastu Shastra on the design of a layout.

While we were talking on last class about the design of layouts, some interesting facts were commented about designing layouts following the Vastu Shastra believe, that is why I have decided to learn what is exactly Vastu Shastra and try to apply it to the layout of the production centre of Halloween sweets!

This discipline holds that since man is cosmic, everything about individual life should be in complete harmony with the universe to attract well-being, harmony and prosperity.

The material world is made up of five elements, known as Panchabhuutas: Earth, Water, Fire, Ether and Air. Everyone on earth is physically built with these five elements.

The principles of Vastu depend on the balance of these elements and the interaction with humans and the environment. It also considers the intimate relationship that exists with the orientations and how these are linked to the earth’s electromagnetic field and its effect on human beings.

The cardinal point where the two directions meet is most important because it combines two forces emanating from both directions. The North East cardinal point is called Eshanya, the South East cardinal point is known as Agneya, the South West cardinal point as Nairuthrya and the North West as Vaayavya.

Our former Vastu Shastra seeks the greatest benefits of the sun’s rays. The sun is the only reliable source of vitamin D (vitamin D is absorbed by blood directly from bare skin and exposed to the sun), a vital source for sustaining life on Earth.

According to the strength of the sun, the east is of great importance. The sun’s rays, which come out from the east, emit more heat and less light. In the afternoon, however, the sun shines on the west, so this part receives more heat and a greater amount of infrared rays, which are harmful to health.

With all these reasons, it is explicitly stated in the Vastu Shastra that the part of the building with the greatest number of openings to the outside will always be the east and north sides.

The world’s basic source of energy is stored at the North Pole and the South Pole. It flows without interruption from the North Pole to the South Pole in the form of magnetic waves. Therefore the part of the building facing south should always have a larger surface area than the northern part, so that nothing will get in the way of the magnetic wave flow.

Following this basic indication, I have made a draft of what I think that would be a good distribution.


First, offices would be plenty of windows, both in the north and in the east. Also, main doors would be located in this wall.

Then, product flow goes from noth to south, where both unload and loading area are located in north and south wall, respectively.

Moreover, raw material and final product warehouses, as well as picking area, are located at the beginning and at the end of the production line to guarantee the energy flow.

Last but not least, I apologize for not being able to find cool videos for this blog.


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