Delta Cargo Online

Delta Cargo launched the online booking platform for its air transportation. The company also implemented a system of electronic contracts and the exchange of electronic documents. 77% of all work with documents now takes place online, making the shipping process easier and accurate than ever before. We can see that the companies which are not adjusting to the new technological systems won’t be able to be competitive and provide the desired service to their customers especially in logistics sphere.

The American carrier said that now customers can order, register, manage and track their shipments completely online, using a computer or mobile device, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers can send their electronic air waybills (e-AWB) to the company’s website free of charge, which eliminates the failures in the preparation of the air waybill and significantly improves the speed of customer service. The new website provides complete end-to-end digital reservations, reception and tracking 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on laptops and mobile devices anywhere in the world.

Key features of the updated website include:

  • Improved tracking and dispatch management with in-flight tracking progress from departure to arrival. GPS tracking can be added to any shipment during the booking process and viewed in real time, and in addition, the GPS history can be viewed throughout the delivery lifecycle. The air waybill will be displayed to display the customs status on the tracking page.
  • Full functionality for site visitors who do not have a Delta Cargo account number or a registered account at The number of guests’ facilities includes access to viewing flights and services, price quotes, real-time tracking, and the ability to fully edit the booking.
  • Registered customers can set up a website so that their preferred topics, functions or e-mail notifications are displayed on the preview page, as well as frequently used booking templates, in addition, customers can store payment information, which will shorten the time for the processing of applications. The website also provides a quick overview of the shippers with the industry’s first integration with the TSA system Known Shipper.
  • Full customization for the client, allowing it to save its reservation settings, select notifications and store frequently ordered items as templates.
  • The site also has a full step-by-step guide to booking and more advanced booking options targeted at experienced users, in addition, there is a flexible booking with profitable numerous offers for flights and services.
  • When registering, domestic and international air waybill details can be submitted for free, regardless of the direction of booking.

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