Logistics in the ancient Egypt

Logistic is not an invention of modern times.

Even in the ancient Egypt logistic appeared. This can be seen at the Pyramid of Cheops which is a logistical masterpiece. This Pyramid was build 2700 before Christus, has a weight of 6 tons and a height of 146 meter.

Until now it could not be completely proven how the Egyptians build the Pyramid.

Researcher know that most of the stones were quarried near the place where the pyramid was build.

Without modern transport possibilities and a weight of 2,5 kilo per stone, the workers managed to bring the stones with barges from the quarries. The distance between the building yard and the quarries were ~300 meters and had a difference of height between 15 to 25 meters.

The workers used sledges for transportation. For these sledges they build wooden tracks.

Was the ascent of the inclination more than 5°, the Egyptians probably used a rope roll to transport the material. The construction was made of wood and was placed every 75 meters on a ramp.

Ropes were attached to the sledge, brought up to the rope roll, slung over the cross-piece of the rope roll and back.

For this step, 11 workers for a slope of 5° were needed. On one side of the slope they walked upwards and on the opposite side, they walked downwards and pull the rope. With this technique they pulled up the stone by using their own body weight.

Once the stones were at the building yard and the plateau for the pyramid was build, the construction could start.

The first 30 meters were the most labour intensive since 50% of the total material was used.

For the construction 5 tracks go up the pyramid flan and at each track 2 double teams of workers were needed.

It was calculated that a total number of 6700 workers were necessary to build the Pyramid of Cheops within 20 years.


If you want to know more about the Pyramid of Cheops visit the following webpage:



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