The great logistics of cruises

Have you ever heard about the Titanic?. Your answer will be without any doubt: “YES”, well, let me just say that the Titanic was one of the first transatlantic Cruises in the history and for that reason it would be considered as an small cruise nowadays.

On the other hand, there are cruises like The Oasis of the Seas, its construction was completed in September 2009, in the shipyards of the company Aker Yards. It is the first of a series of 225,000 tones and 361 m long ships, with a capacity for 6300 passengers (the Titanic only had around 2200 passenger capacity) .

Inside the current cruises the passengers are able to find luxury restaurants, theaters, spa, gymnasium, library, water park, ice skating platforms, climbing walls, art gallery and other facilities dedicated to entertain the passengers.

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Due to the amount of people traveling inside and the huge quantity of services that the cruises offer, and in order to feed supply logistics (food, beverages, consumables, spare parts, etc.) of these ships, a cruise line must take into account aspects such as itinerary, occupation forecasts, local legislations (for example, for the supply of alcoholic beverages) and the technical characteristics of port and docks for the supply.

In addition, the dates and characteristics of the passage determine to a large extent the consumption of food and drink (in quantity and type of food), which requires a more specific forecast. It is not the same to supply the needs of a cruise on Christmas dates that in summer dates, with retirees or families that with young people, or touching the coasts of Norway or Argentina, for example.

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