Drone as a service

Since Jeff Bezos announced in 2013 that he was developing robotic delivery systems to take orders through the air, Amazon has filed dozens of patents related to its future Prime Air service. Beehives to accommodate unmanned aerial vehicles, nests in the streetlamps or parachutes for the packages are some of his original ideas for the drones to reach our homes.

You open the’app’ and ask for the food you’re lazy about going shopping for. Instantly, the robotic delivery boy leaves the gigantic building where he lives with his fellow robots and, in a few minutes, you can see him flying over your garden. After dodging a bird that crosses its path, the unmanned aerial vehicle launches a package that landed gently on the ground thanks to a parachute. Your shopping just literally fell from the sky.

We also found a large number of patent registrations from amazon here we have a series of images of the patents:


The hive:


Street lamps as a nest:


Mother ship:




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