Walmart’s new technology for perishable products

Perishable product always needs proper care and attention as they have short shelf life and sometimes it leads to wastage. I bought juice from Mercadona and it expired after 10 days. This is just a case of one juice pack, what about the big companies which sell vegetable and fruits on daily basis. How they maintain their profit margin after deducting this type of lose? Do they have any kind of solution for this waste or to stop product from being expired? Or this going to be manual process that a staff member will have go for a round to check the date of the products?

Well, now Eden can solve this problem. Walmart is developing a technology: Eden, which will detect defect in fruits and vegetable and will be able to determine the shelf life of a product. The technology is still in its production stage and is being deployed in 43 distribution centers and saved $86 million. Walmart always try to maintain its quality requirements so now employees can digitally record detect the defects in food in distribution center itself before it goes to stores. Eden is expected to save $2 million over the next 5 years.

How will this technology work?

Any perishable product which is being transported from different country or any far distance in a truck’s container will get spoiled if it exceed acceptable range temperature. So Eden will reroute the truck to closer destination to prevent wastage. Moreover, it will able to make judgments by comparing images of the product from the distribution center and the images of the product which are acceptable or unacceptable by scanning the images.

walmart scanning

It also will be able to predict exact shelf life of a product by incorporating the data like in which temperature a particular product should be stored. In addition to that, this technology is going to extend in the farms of the Walmart’s suppliers. The company will monitor different factors like temperature to determine the quality of the product by drone to fly over the farm.

This technology will be used in supply chains and distribution centers to reduce waste and increase the quality of fresh product and make important decision based on remaining freshness of a shipment of a product.

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