PS4 vs PC Gaming?

Sony made it very clear when it introduced the PlayStation 4 Pro, this more powerful version of the console is not intended to compete with Xbox One or Nintendo Wii U, its goal is to prevent players from switching to the PC. That’s a bold statement, but now we have to ask ourselves whether a PlayStation 4 Pro or a PC gamer is better, a really complicated comparison.

The truth is that the war between consoles and PCs has been going on for a few years now at its peak, right now they are two very valid platforms in both cases but really different. One console is only good for playing, and PlayStation 4 came out quite fair in power. A PC is very versatile, but it needs much more expensive components to enjoy interactive entertainment in good condition.

So let’s weigh up the differences between a PlayStation 4 Pro and a PC gamer, which are numerous. We don’t think the comparison is very fair, but Sony itself has come up with this idea, so it makes sense for consumers to doubt which of the devices is best suited for their leisure time.

When we introduced the new PlayStation 4 Pro we already said that it will cost 399 Euros, so it’s a very low price. Only 100 euros more than the normal model. Considering that the new machine is twice as powerful in terms of graphics, it is worth choosing this updated version.ps4-vs-pc.jpg

Mounting a gamer PC for 399 Euros is quite complicated, and impossible if you want the same power of PlayStation 4 Pro, such a compact design and a controller of the same quality. So, if you have a budget of around €400, it’s more than clear that choosing Sony’s console is a much better option.

But if we can spend more, of course it’s possible to build a better gamer PC than the much better PlayStation 4 Pro, whose components we can upgrade in the future.

We must also take into account the screen we are going to use. Do you have a good monitor? It’s one less expense to add to your PC gamer. Do you own a modern 4K television? Then you’ll get more out of your PlayStation 4 Pro. This is an important detail, as the TV or monitor is a considerable extra cost.

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